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45 lbs 1" - 1.5" Natural Blue Stone Monterrey

45 lbs 1" - 1.5" Natural Blue Stone Monterrey

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Our Monterrey River Rocks/Stones are sourced directly from the mountains of Monterrey, Mexico. Our stone adds a unique touch of NATURAL design and brings an elegant vibrant look to the space you decide to use it on. We offer our stone in various LB quantities and sizes to best suit the needs of your next project. Skip the hassle of independent sellers and shop with the certainty of QUALITY product and customer service.

  • Additional Features: Naturally polished stone, polished fine over generations of river flow from the waters of Monterrey, Mexico. Packaged in weatherproof bags to assure quality arrival and multiple uses of application.
  • Details: Our stone boasts a space grey/moon rock color unlike any other. It also serves as a 2 tone river rock, meaning two tones are displayed when dry and when wet. When dry a moon rock tone, when wet, a cool space grey tone.
  • Package Includes: Your choice of river rock/river stone in desired weight & size.

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Designed by Uno Studios C/O Luis Hinojosa.

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